Will Mavic Air 2 ever be updated with Remote ID capabilities?

Perhaps someone on this blog would know.
I asked DJI…crickets…

Good morning! You begin by registering your drone with the FAA. This may also help: How To Get Remote ID For Drone (Do You Really Need It?)
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thanks for taking the time to respond!
perhaps I misunderstand some new policy that’s supposed to go in effect in September which is another way of identifying drones? I never see the MAvic Air 2 on this list and was wondering if I’ll still be able to fly it after September 1?
Thanks MavRik

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Dave, unfortunately it doesn’t look good for us Mavic Air 2 owners. You would think by now that DJI would’ve posted it on the FAA compliance list. But there’s still a flicker of hope since Remote ID doesn’t look like it’s ready to take on time in September. :sunglasses: HFTA

DJI published a statement that indicated there would be firmware updates that will activate Remote ID:

Welcome to the forum @DirectorDoug and thank you for your post!. On Jul 31, The DJI Forum released the status of the Remote ID compliance of DJI’s consumer drones:concerning the Mavic Air 2 (and other DJI drone models) Note: Login not required.: Remote ID Statement (07/01/2023) | DJI FORUM