Phantom 4 v2 Update

Has anyone heard any news from DJI on the update software to get the RID working on the v2? I know the last they said anything it was “sometime before the end of December” but I have not heard anything further.

Hi flywithmesdk - Thank you for your question! Here is the latest info I was able to find from DJI:

For the Phantom 4 series, only Phantom 4 Pro 2.0 will have an update by December 31, 2023, at the latest that is why DJI suggests purchasing a third-party RID module for Phantom 4 Pro. You do need to download the DJI Assistant desktop software here:DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones Series) - Download Center - DJI

Link to install directions located here:

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I know that the update will only be for the v2. Their information has always said “by Dec. 31”. I was just wondering if anyone had gotten a better time line.

@flywithmesdk hm, I’ve been researching this as well, and also don’t have any updated information as yet. We’ll probably need to keep our eyes and ears sharp as the final announcement may be with little fanfare. If any of us hear more updated information, we’ll be sure to post in the community.

Big announcement this morning. UPDATE IS OUT AND ACTIVE.

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Here is my full update on the DJI software update for the P4P v2 and RID compliance. DJI released the update yesterday (or was it the day before). I downloaded the software and the loading and file exchange was successful. In the Go 4 app, I saw that a section that used to say Remote ID had been changed to “Aeroscope” and an explanation read that this was the way RID was programmed. It showed that UUID was active and Flight information was active. In the “About” area of the Go 4 app it gave my RID serial number. But when I turned everything on and opened up my drone scanner apps on my phone, I could not get any signal recognition. My after-market beacon works but not the P4P. I was communicating with one other P4P owner who gave the same story. I have not done anything yet this morning. Incidentally, I was at a large crowd function last night and saw a drone flying. I took out my phone and checked the four drone scanner app I have. Open DroneID, Drone Scanner, Flight Portal ID, and Air Sentinel. ONLY ONE OUT OF THE FOUR IDENTIFIED THE DRONE. The Drone Scanner was the only one that showed the information from the drone overhead. Does anyone else have any more experience with all this?

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Great information for our participants, thank you for the update! :+1::blush: