Smart controller compatibility with RID

I am a recreational flyer.
I have the original smart controller and a Mavic Air 2.
I heard that I will not be able to comply with RID.
I heard there will be an update for my drone but
will there be one for my controller?
Is there a solution?

Welcome @jheller48. Let me dig into this a little for you and get back to you soon. We are glad to have you.

I’m fairly sure the remote ID is attached to just the drone. I could be corrected but that’s my understanding.

@jheller48, remote ID is connected to the drone itself and not the RC. Since the Air 2 is not remote ID compliant, you will have to look into external add-on solutions.

Here is an article that goes through a lot of RID information and great options to addon RID capacities to drones without them.

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