What is everyone's favorite DJI Drone?

Since this is the DJI thread, I thought I’d ask: What is everyone’s favorite DJI drone, and Why?

Thankfully, I’ve been able to own and fly quite a few DJI drones over the years. I learned to fly on my 1st ever drone, a Phantom 4 Standard, after which I quickly purchased Phantom 4 Pros.

For quite a while, the P4P’s were my favorite drones, even when simultaneously owning smaller folding drones, like the Air and Autels Evo. The drone’s size and handling went well together. I mean, the Phantom is BIG by today’s standards, however, it handled quite nimbly. In sport mode, the thing was a beast. For our business purposes, I always flew in Normal mode and had the EXP set to deaden the movement enough for smooth cinematics. Running at 30fps and doing an 80% slow further smoothed the footage out.

Fast forward to 2022 and my absolute favorite drone is the Mini 3 Pro. But this comes with a caveat, as I have 2 favorite drones, based on what I need them for:

  • The Mini 3 Pro is my favorite all-around, do-anything, bring-anywhere drone. This is due to a combination of the following:

    1. Size/Portability
    2. Quietness
    3. Ease of Set up

I’m looking to get back into mountain biking this week, and having a tiny, full-service drone that can be deployed and packed up quickly is going to add some filming time, to my time out on the road and trails. The DJI RC is part of what makes this possible.

  • The Air 2S is my all-time favorite business drone, because:

    1. 1" Sensor
    2. Portability
    3. Ease of set up

With the Air 2S’ compatibility with the DJI RC, I have a renewed love for flying the Air 2S. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved and used it for clients. With the added DJI RC compatibility I can actually SEE what I’m filming, lol. Because of this Florida sun, which seems to literally sit 100 feet from you at all times, seeing my phones and devices was virtually impossible, if not standing under a tree or overpass. Having the DJI RC for the Mini 3 Pro and being able to use it for the Air 2S also means I bring the Mini 3 Pro with me on client shoots as well, as it’s only one device for 2 drones.

What is your favorite DJI drone, and why?


Getting ready to do Air 3 content and flying it for a bit, I have to say that the Air 3 is currently my favorite DJI drone to fly, as it is quieter than my all-time favorite flyer (the Air 2S), it is quite nimble and ascends and descends like a fighter jet, and the RC2, with its super clear screen, is fantastic.

I do LOVE flying the Mini 3 Pro still, as that’s my carry-everywhere drone. It is so convenient and the quietest drone I own to date, although the Air 3 isn’t that bad, being quieter than an Air 2S, but not as quiet as the Mini 3 Pro.

What is your favorite DJI drone, and why?

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