What is your favorite drone?

This might seem like a silly question, however, I know for me, I have favorites broken down by what niche or purpose it fills.

My current favorite business-purpose drone is the Air 2S. The reason is that it has a great price point and can do pretty much everything the Mavic 3 can do, for our particular business purposes. We seem to be primarily doing Real Estate related work currently. I believe this is because the housing market has taken a stall where we are located and realtors are looking to get more professionally done images than they were prior when you could sell Florida homes almost sight unseen.

My current favorite recreational drone is the Mini 3 Pro. I never owned a mini drone prior to receiving the Mini 3 Pro, but always thought it’d be nice to have one “just in case”. After getting my hands on one I love flying it. The Mini 3 handles great, as it flies similarly to our Air 2S. The photos and videos are of excellent quality as well. The thing that REALLY has me sold on using the Mini 3 Pro recreationally is the DJI RC. Although not as bight as, say, a DJI RC PRO or DJI Smart Controller, it IS brighter than any of the devices I’m using now. Couple that with the Mini 3 Pros small footprint and I bring the Min 3 everywhere I go, regardless if I’m planning to shoot or not. It is just so convenient to fly whenever I feel like it.

There are rumors that the Air 2S will get DJI RC compatibility in the next week or so. If this happens, the Air 2S MIGHT become my all-time favorite drone…

I also saw that the Mavic three will be coming out with a Classic addition, minus the telephoto lens AND supposedly releasing close to the price point of the Air 2S flymore. If this happens, I just might have an all-new favorite business-purpose drone in the future, lol.

What is your favorite drone???

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I have only owned two drones, the Mavic Air 1 and the Mavic Air 2s. The technology is vastly different going from Wi-Fi on the Mavic Air to OccuSync on the Mavic Air 2s, so I would have to say my favorite so far is the Mavic Air 2s, hands down! They both serve a different purpose. I look at the Mavic Air 2s based on I was able to learn from the Mavic Air 1 and the experience I have gained from that. Both drones are excellent and on occassion I still fly the Air 1 even though the technology is quite different. I love technology and work in that field as well. Flying drones is a hobby for me at the moment but who knows where it may take me.

I remember when the Air 2 came out (replacing the OG Air) and it was something to behold. It set a relatively high precedent, one all subsequent DJI foldable drones have seemed to follow since.

I agree with you when you say both drones serve different purposes. I feel the same with the drones in our fleet. Each has a different purpose. Thankfully DJI has begun to blur the lines when you look at their newest offerings. Almost all of the higher-tiered drones to prosumer drones function pretty closely.

Continue having fun with that Air 2S, it is a great drone, one I feel has been oftentimes overlooked in the recent 1/2 year or so…

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As usual, I seem to be the odd man out.

My favorite drone is the Autel EVO 2 Pro 6k.

The flight time, fantastic video/pics and overall control is awsome for me. Not as stick responsive as my sons DJI 2s, but much better in higher wind conditions.

Hoping to add a second soon, thermal!

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Welcome to the community @MarcB.

As the owner of a couple of Altel drones (I have and use the best tools for any needed job that day), I agree with you on the flight time and quality of the pics and videos.

Although the Evo II was ALWAYS on my want list, I never did get the big boy. But I’ll tell you, the battery on the Evo Lite+ lasts a loooong time. Until we received a Mini 3 Pro and put Plus batteries in, the Lite+ was the longest-flying drone we had ever flown.

I think the only real complaint with any of our Autel drones was that they are not nearly as nimble and fun flying as the myriads of DJIs we have owned over the years. I actually have referred to them as dump trucks when kidding around. They do the job and they do it well.

The biggest thing for my company is that they aren’t currently geo-fenced and this comes in handy when we cannot get DJI unlocks. That hasn’t happened in the past year or so, but one such occasion is what prompted me to get Autels!