Picking up a new drone this season?

I was just curious to know if anyone is planning on, or has received, a new drone. Either for personal reasons or for commercial purposes?

I recently received a new Mini 3 Pro and love it to death. I haven’t really used it for commercial purposes, I just fly it recreationally and take footage for DP here. I do have it in my gear bag when out doing real estate shoots…just in case my Air 2S is down.

So, are you getting a new drone? Or have you purchased a new drone recently? What are your thoughts on it, or expectations?

Yeah. I’m getting an Air 2s. I want to get serious about running a local drone business and I want to use the Air 2s for the business. The Avatar seems great for indoor real estate shots but that will be a purchase for another time

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Yes indeed! Just received my DJI Avata. Starting to set things up right now. I got this to get a taste of FPV flying. Can’t wait to get it in the air!

You are going to love the Air 2S for business. It’s my favorite little work horse. I love the Mini 3 Pro, however, that is primarily for recreational flights. The Air 2S handles wind better AND has the 1" Sony sensor I love (like the big boys).

Please leave us your thoughts after you’ve taken it out for a spin. I’ve been seriously thinking of looking into one for our real estate videos. I’ve never flown FPV so there’s a slight amount of trepidation there… but I’ll get over it. Lol.

Yeah, I know what you mean about being cautious while flying FPV. The Motion Controller allows for one handed operation. To fly this in a completely manual fashion requires the DJI controller, and is quite difficult. But the Motion Controller allows first time FPV flyers to get their feet wet without any difficulty at all, and to be fully immersed in the actual flying experience! You must get one!! Take care, Dan.

Uh oh… Thanks to you, my wife is going to look at me sideways now when DJI delivers yet a other box (thanks @flyboy49!) But in all seriousness, additional tools in the box for business is welcomed by both of us.

It’s crazy, but there was a company a few years ago that had a single handed flight stick in development for the phantom 4 pro and Mavic 2 pro. It was a great concept but must not have been executed well because there was zero hype after it released.

Looks like DJI improved upon it with the motion controller. I’m thoroughly intrigued now… Thanks for the info and I look forward to hearing more about your experiences with the Avata.