The Mini 3 Pro - The most fun I've had in a while

I’m not sure about anyone else here, but I’m really really loving the Mini 3 Pro.

I’ve never been a “mini drone” guy, having started in the hobby with Phantom 4 Pros. And since my business deals with clients that needed higher-end video and photos, the mini line of drones never really appealed to me. I always looked at them as beginner drones, until the 3 came out and caught my attention. Could it be that “Pro” in the name? lol.

The 3 Pro changed my views a LOT in this regard. Because the drone is so small with excellent video specs (comparable to a lot of drones on the market now), I find myself bringing it with me everywhere, as photographers might with a small mirrorless or point-and-shoot camera.

If the opportunity arises, I get some footage or just fly if I see somewhere worth capturing.