What device are you using to fly your drone?

This is something I’ve thought about a lot…especially since receiving a Mini 3 Pro.

When I first started flying commercially, I used a Phantom 4 Pro+ and enjoyed using the Plus controller with the DJI Go app installed. Sadly, that drone was getting too big for our purposes and we moved to foldable drones.

Our Autels had tiny built-in screens, but I never flew solely with those. I added an iPad Mini, iPad Air II, and iPad Pro 10.5 to the fleet and none of those were sufficient, outside of their great size.

So, now for my business, I generally fly using either a Samsung S20+ or iPhone 13 Pro. I bought the S20+ because it was “advertised” as having a maximum brightness of 1200 nits. I’m thinking "great, that’s brighter than a Tripltek. Well, I have never been able to use it at full brightness. As a matter of fact, even when not in auto-brightness, the S20+ dims to near black screen making it useless in our bright FL sun.

The iPhone 13 Pro is rated to get a maximum screen brightness of around 1000 nits. Again, I never have seen it. The screen auto dims (even though set not to) within seconds of launching the DJI Fly app, leaving me to either fly from underneath a tree or guestimating shot framing.

I had been contemplating getting a Tripletek, then I got a Mini 3 Pro with a DJI RC and I pretty much fly that recreationally. For business, I will still use our Air 2S, but I have been really really hoping that DJI would open up the DJI RC usage to the Air 2S. Even at 700 nits, the DJI RC is the brightest device I’ve ever used.

What are you using?

Mavic Air 1 and Mavic Air 2s - Both are excellent drones!

Are you using iOS devices to fly them or smart controllers? I love my Air 2S… IF DJI ever builds in support for the Air 2S on the DJI RC, I’ll fly my Air 2S more outside of commercial work…

I am using an iPhone 13 with Fly & Litchi apps installed (along with B4UFly, DroneUp, Air Control, Air Data, DJIGo 4 (for Mavic Air 1). It’s a hobby of mine, TRUST certified, and use the drone on frequent motocycle trips throughout New England /Canada (Nova Scotia/Quebec) w/ posted videos on YouTube. Yes, agree to fly as a hobby would be great if you have the time outside of your drone business! :grinning: :smiley: :smiley:

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I’m still an egg. Not even flown in the house yet.
But, these questions were quite up front as I was performing my due diligence. And with my age and eyes, I didn’t want to fight “to enjoy” the view of the scenery. I thought the RC was a nice enticement for getting DJI’s nifty package deal with the Mini3 PRO. Yet, people spoke up about the noticeable stability differences compared to the AIR 2S. Specifically, wind resistance. Even though both are class 5, it’s a weighty comparison.

For me, the 2S made more sense, and, well, 1000 continuous NITS sure seemed to make people happier than 700… Last, the RC PRO offers HDMI output. If only I had an observer come with, I could even use a set of Sony goggles I’d had since god made the earth!

Now it’s just getting out there and see. (Fingers crossed.)

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