Thoughts on the DJI RC Controller

My first fairly “smart controller” was the Plus Controller that came with the Phantom 4 Pro+. That was a fantastic controller. Very solid in hand and the brightness on the articulating screen was reasonable.

Oddly enough, when I moved into the folding drone category of DJI drones, I never purchase a smart controller. It wasn’t until I received my Mini 3 Pro that I realized I never want to fly without a smart controller again, lol.

This is pretty sad because I have a few folding drones from both Autel and DJI that aren’t getting the love (recreationally) because they don’t get up and fly as fast as the M3P. Honestly, if my Air 2S was compatible with the new DJI RC, I’d most likely fly it more.

What are everyone’s thoughts on the DJI RC?

I believe the Air 2S is compatible with the RC controller.

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Welcome to the forum @socrbob.

You are indeed correct. Shortly after this thread was started, the Air 2S was added to the DJI RC compatibility list and I use the DJI RC with the A2S frequently for jobs…when it isn’t plagued by the dreaded 30064 error…

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