DJI RC and Air 2S compatibility?!?!

I’m not sure how many other members here, like me, own an Air 2S and a Mini 3 Pro w/DJI RC.

For quite a while now, I have been talking about how great it would be for the DJI RC to work with the Air 2S (as Mavic 3 support had been released a few months ago).

The rumor and leak mills have been churning this week, pointing to Air 2S support for the DJI RC and I am excited! The Air 2S is my absolute favorite business drone. To me, it has the best cost-to-feature ratio, flies admirably and is the perfect-sized drone for my purposes.

If you own a Mini 3 Pro AND Air 2S, is this exciting news to you as well?


When I was researching about the Mini 3 Pro earlier I wished the RC would be compatible with several drones including the air 2s. I plan on getting the air 2s to switch from the Mini 2. If the news are True, then I can consider getting the DJI RC on it’s own to use with the Air 2s

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To me the A2S is ALMOST the perfect small business drone for us. I couldn’t really justify $1200+ for a smart controller as I had more pressing business equipment to purchase. With the DJI RC we have with the Mini 3 Pro, I’m thinking the A2S will noe be the best business Drone I’ve ever had…if the support truly comes this month.

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