Recording audio

Hey all,
Thanks for taking a moment to review my question. Bit of a “noob” so please don’t judge lol

I’d like to get a drone that will use my own phone as the camera, but I’d also like to record audio and would think that using my AirPods to record the audio portion would be the way to go. I’m looking to do this relatively inexpensively and this, to me, would be the least expensive route.

Any guidance with this is appreciated greatly. Cheers!

Welcome to the community @JohnB. This is an interesting request, one I have never personally seen. We will need to do a little research to see how this can be done.

As it stands there is only one DJI drone that can be controlled with a controller only, I believe that is the spark. Possibly the Tello as well.

Regarding audio, not quite sure, just yet…