Hello from beautiful down town Tylerport, Pa

Hi, I got into drone with a home built ground pounder, then bought a Microdrone 3.0 at a yard sale for 5 bucks. Brought it home and played with it for 20 min then a motor burnt up. I then bought an X5 Epik, and proceeded to try to teach myself how to fly third person. I use to fly full size gliders so I only knew how to fly first person. I’m now also trying to setup Zephyr on my Mac so I can fly when it’s raining, and before I go to bed so my brain works on it during my sleep. I’m 72, and could use any help I can get on setting it up, and what controller to use. Thank’s to all and it’s nice to be here.
Thank you, Roland

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Welcome to the forums @Roland and to the end of your savings, lol. If you would, give me a few to do some research and get you pointed in the right direction. Again welcome and enjoy your stay.

Dear Dan,

Thank you for getting back to me with the welcome. When I bought my JJRC X5 my wife asked me if I was trying to amass a fleet. I tole her that I was just trying to get as many drones as she has shoes. It’s not that bad sleeping on the porch. People in reviews complain about the batteries only lasting 20 minutes, but I’m thankful, as that is about all my nerves can take in one go. By the time the battery recharges my blood pressure has regained some similarity to normal.

Thanks again,

Hahaha. My wife has a ton of shoes as well and I’m trying to amass a fleet to match. So far 11 drones and counting, lol. I’d love to hear your experiences with FPV. I have an Avata here now, that I have yet to set up and fly. Being a GPS and Camera drone guy, I’m a little hesitant.

Compatible controllers:
FlySky FS-i6s
Microsoft brand Xbox One Controller - they actually work with Macs :slight_smile:
Sony brand Playstation 4 Controller
Hobby King 6-CH RC Flight Simulator Controller
Interlink Elite by Futaba
Taranis FrSky X9D Plus and other controllers that use OpenTX. Controllers that use OpenTX may require rebinding the inputs inside of the Zephyr program.

Hi Dan,
The majority of my FPV came when I was learning to fly real gliders, out of Van Sant airport. That’s why I have so much trouble flying third person view. I’m OK when the drone is heading away, but coming towards me. That’s why I want the simulator to work. If I practice for about a half an hour before going to bed, my sub conscious will work on the problem while I sleep. That is how I learned Morris code for my ham license. So tell me about your sojourn into the wonderful world of FPV, or even TPV. Have you flown anything other than drones?

Take care,
PS Thank you for the links.