DJI Go 4 screen

I was flying a high school flag football game with my P4Pv2, Crystalski tablet, with the DJI Go 4 app. I made 2 flights with no issues then changed batteries. Connected every thing but could not launch because i was in a “no fly zone”. I was not. I finally got the zone unlocked then kept getting the message that my RTH path crossed a no fly zone, what ever that means. That is everything that lead up to my question. At this point the mapbox (lower right corner of the screen) went black. No map, no icons, nothing. At home i found that my Go 4 app needed an up date. Loaded the update and the mapbox came back on, except the map has over lays of caution zones, but only within 10 miles of my home. I scroll the map to where i know there is an Air Force base and there are no overlays at all. Does anybody know what is going on? Also, i went to test the live streaming option and all i get is a message that this app violates Google privacy policy and my research says it cannot be fixed. Huh?

I have never ever heard of anything as wild as this within a DJI app. Whoa.
I’ll do some research into this and see if there are similar cases and the workaround. Something you could also do is ask this question in a Phantom-specific forum, as those guys might have more info, as I’ll surely be doing as well.

Just so you know what I am talking about, this is a screenshot of the Go 4 app “Mapbox” in the lower corner of the screen. I enlarged it onto the full screen. It appears to show DJI’s Geofencing zones, but if I scroll out of the area it does not appear even though I know there are military bases. Everything works fine so I believe this was part of the Go 4 firmware update I just did.

@flywithmesdk sadly I wasn’t able to dig up anything useful on this. :frowning:

HOWEVER, I got to thinking. Do you have Litchi? Litchi acts as an entirely expanding app, replacing the Go4 and DJI Fly apps, while adding awesome autonomous features. It might even fix the issues you are having.

There is a charge for the app, like 19.99 or something, however, it is awesome.

Thanks, Dan. I’m not sure what is happening. I did have Litchi but ditched it.