Do you use a range extender device on your Mavic Air 2s?

Do you use or have tried a range extender on your DJI Mavic Air 2s and if so, do you recommend it?

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Although I personally fly an Air 2S (among other drones), I have never used a range extender on it. The reason is that I find the range and signal depth to be great. As I don’t fly BVLOS, I never tested the distance out on my A2S past where I could see. However, I fly in many urban and downtown areas with tons of interference and have not lost connection once, whereas my other drones have.

Are you looking to get a range extender to boost your distance, or instead for a stronger signal?

Hi @Dan Thank you for your reply. I use the Litchi app to fly over 1.7 miles away and in either direction loses a signal resulting in auto RTH. The Fly app RC setting is set to Auto (both 2.4ghz & 5.8ghz) to “find” the best frequency in case one or the other drops or fluctuates. I originally thought I would try one to “extend my distance” however DJI states distance is over 7 miles, I could be interference somewhere, but odd it doesn’t travel that far using Litchi in either direction, (N, S, E, or West)? The flights are basically over woods and in one direction a pond and some homes as well as no zone restrictions in my area. YouTube reviews are mixed on the range extenders, so wondering if it’s a gimmick before I purchase one? I’d like to hear from others who may have tried them. Thanks!

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Ah, I see where you are coming from. I’d be interested to know if others are using them as well. Do you just lose signal while in Litchi or is it the same in the Fly app at that distance?

@Dan I have not tried it using the Fly app because the distance is 1.7 miles out (over woods mostly) and VLOS is not possible, therefore the use of Litchi app. I use the Fly app for much shorter distances over 100 feet and waypoints only work during Hyperlapse mode unfortunately as this point in time. (Hopefully DJI comes up with an update for normal flight mode use. Also, I do not fly over 200 ft altitude mostly because there are, occasionally, some manned flights and the Fly app can signal you if manned flights are in local area. I never lose a connection/signal when using the Fly app though. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ah ok, gotcha. Thanks for the information. :ok_hand:t5:

@Dan Absolutely, you bet! :+1: