Can DJI Mavic Air 2 fly at night?

Can DJI Mavic air 2 fly at night?

It sure can. I run a night-time Air 2S, however, I’m sure the same things apply to the Air 2.

Something folks have to realize is that night flying will shut the obstacle avoidance off on the Air series, as there isn’t much ambient light for them to work. With this, of course, comes the challenge, perhaps, for those not used to flying without sensors on. I never fly with sensors (but I do with the radar), so it’s not an issue. When flying at night it is good to be super aware of your surroundings, as obstacles come out of nowhere quickly.

In staying within the FAA’s guidelines, and for the safety of local manned aircraft, it’s going to be essential to fly with some sort of FAA-approved strobes that are visible out to 3 miles. I have Lume cubes and firehouse strobes on mine, all of which can easily be seen miles out.

I have mine (with three separate strobes) mounted in a way that I can just pull the entire unit off and place it on our other drones. Works well for us.