DJI RC and Air 2S - Error 30064 issue [SOLVED]

I won’t lie. I LOVE our Air 2S. Have since the day I purchased it launch week.

One of the things I really looked forward to since hearing the leaks back early summer was compatibility with the Mini 3 Pros RC. When It finally happened, I was thoroughly excited and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Anyway, like droneblog’s latest DJI RC and Air 2S Compatibility Explained article points out, I went through every single step in the correct order and my Air 2S worked flawlessly. I burned through quite a lot of batteries the following few days.

But, that happiness would quickly end. Here’s a little story…

Right before a HUGE real estate job (I’m talking all the bells and whistles - Photos, videos, full media kit, travel, etc.), I decided it’d be good to purchase yet another battery for the 2S, as I intended to be on the shoot the entire day.

I dropped the battery in the Air 2S, ran the update, and made sure the camera and all connected (the night before the shoot). Everything looked good. I received the message “cannot take off”, but didn’t think too much of it, as I was in the house with no GPS and it was after midnight…I wasn’t going outside to fly.

The next morning, the morning of the shoot, I loaded up all my equipment, including my Mini 3 Pro and its plethora of regular and plus batteries, as well as our little workhorse, the Air 2S, and its stack of batteries (sans the OG RC-N1 RC) and headed out to the shoot.

I generally get my drone shots first, then shoot interior photos and videos. That day I did the opposite. So, when I went to get the Air 2S up and running, I received the same "cannot take off error. I tapped it and it said error 30064, which points to a software issue. UH-OH. I figured I’d do a compass calibration and then the DJI RC prompted me to calibrate the remote as well. That was different, so I did. Nada. The drone didn’t take off. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking “why-o-why did I not bring the RC-N1”??? Rookie mistake, doh. Anyway, I got the Mini 3 Pro in the air and took all applicable real estate photos and videos as well as area photos and videos.

Sidenote: There will be an article out soon on whether the Mini 3 Pro can be used for professional work. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

Now, I’m on a mission. I HAVE to get this Air 2S up and running with the DJI RC again, since I really really enjoyed using it. I ran through all of the forums that talked about getting rid of the error 30064. The general consensus was a firmware roll-back and start from scratch. Now, get this, when I wrote the article on “resetting the Mini 3 Pro” I ran through all of the steps in DJI Assitant 2 on how to roll back the firmware. My Air 2S, a few weeks ago, indeed had 2 or 3 previous firmware versions. Fast forward to this week and THEY WERE ALL GONE. The only firmware was the current one and I couldn’t even refresh it.

It got me thinking for a bit, so I relinked the Air 2S to the RC-N1 (which I actually like) and I flew a 1/2 battery. I then thought, just MAYBE, it’d be a good idea to relink the DJI RC to the Air 2S and see if I could perhaps get a firmware message (either inconsistent firmware or something). I didn’t know what to expect.

Lo and behold, I relink/pair the Air 2S to the DJI RC and everything worked. No more error code. I flew down the battery and then proceeded to put every single Air 2S battery I have in and fly them for a few minutes each. They all worked and had no issues whatsoever.

I don’t know what the disconnect was, but the fix was as simple as a relink. DOH.

TL:DR - If you have new batteries bought after the newest firmware update for the Air 2S AND you are using a DJI RC and receive the dreaded error 30064 “cannot take off”, simply relink your Air 2S to your old RC-N1, then repair the Air 2S to your DJI RC. It SHOULD work like a charm…


How much does the DJI RC cost on it’s own?

The cost of the RC alone is $309 USD

@Dan Excellent story describing the issue and resolution. Great to keep other pilots informed if they encounter the same issue. We are all here to learn as much information as we can, so thank you! Re-link is key indeed! It’s great we get to hear issues can be resolved. Something to learn each and every new day! :blush:

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@MavRik I’m just glad the fix was simple and that it could help someone in the near future if it’s not something DJI fixes soon…

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