Sometimes you just have to throw in the towel

FYI: I was flying my drone around a field, just having some fun when an evil Hawthorn bush jumped out from the edge of the woods, and smote my drone with its branch. (I’m sure I heard the bush snickering at me.) When I got to my drone it was doing its best impersonation of a 3 bladed weed wacker, and nothing I did with my controller would stop the 3 blades of death from trying to clear the grass from around itself.
I was faced with the lethal task of trying to pick up the angry beast, and remove its battery. I completed the task at hand with less of my hand as a consequence.
In the future I will carry a wash cloth that I can throw on top of the blades of furry, thus allowing me to pick it up with more dignity, and less blood. (I’ll also carry some rather large bandaids.)

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Whoa, @Roland, that sounds like quite the ordeal. What drone were you flying that inflicted so much damage? I’m almost more curious as to why it refused to acknowledge stick input.

Recently when shooting some downtown footage from an an elevated parking garage, our Mini 4 Pro wouldn’t respond to stick commands when getting ready to take off. It just spun up and sat there. I had to use the emergency stick sequence after which the motors cut off. That was the first time that every happened to me in almost 7 years of flying and hasn’t happened again, since then…but that was interesting…

Hi Dan,

Happy Halloween! I was flying my JJRC x5 Epic. I pressed the Arm button for 5 seconds, and pulled the throttle down all the way for about 5 seconds. It wasn’t having any of it. Those little gremlins like you experienced are what make me so cautious about flying where I can’t get my drone back. I’d love to know why drone manufacturers make them Black or Gray. I got new replacement landing legs which I’m painting fluorescent yellow. Have a nice weekend.

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:smile: Love how you told the story! And what a scary situation, and important as well. I think I’ve become desensitised flying my drone for so long, but those blades are dangerous indeed. I’m glad you shared your experience. Above all else, that was a clever tip about the washcloth! I’ll definitely keep one handy. :+1:

I hope moving forward the drone cooperates with you a little more.
When I started flying I too wondered about drone manufacturers choice of colors. Back then it was pretty much DJI White or DJI Gray. It’s nice to see darker DJI drones, like the newer Mavics and Inspires. Autel had it right with Pumpkin Orange. Now, I just slap on a few drone strobes and call it a day. I generally do top and sides and that works for my older man eyes. lol. Happy flying…