How is it this appears to be such a young bulletin board?

All the contributors started in 2017, and yet “this” is quite new.
Heh, so am I. I just purchased my first drone and received it the day before yesterday.

I’ve been putting together my kit and am trying to keep it all small enough to put in a pannier or bag I can carry upon the front rack of my e-bike.
My current dream is to learn to fly the DJI Air 2S and continue building my eye for composition. From there, it’s all about having it work together and seeing if others appreciate what comes out.

I’m east of Atlanta and have access to lots of bike trail infrastructure. The landscape is undulating hilly, and many river/stream opportunities for nice rides through land that shows forest - even though the population is bursting out all around. Maybe it’s an opportunity to catch it while there is some left.

If I move toward a 107, I think photogrammetry could be a solid base for a business to pay for the toys (and necessities} and be something easily reproduced to allow growth, duplicate myself, and manage while following my dreams.

Looking forward to meeting you where you’re at!


Greetings @MerleApAmber.

How has your drone experience gone so far? I assume from your post that you have an Air 2S? Great drone.

My wife and I have family in the ATL area and are actually headed there next weekend. I’m hoping the weather will be bearable. I can’t stand the cold, lol. Although I would love to get some drone footage, I don’t think we’ll be there long enough to do so, between heading to the aquarium and doing stuff with all the nieces and nephews.

When you get some footage we’d love to see it in the Photo/Video section whenever you are ready. Thanks for checking in…