FYI. Stick a tag on it

FYI. I am a 72 year old beginner. I got a JJRC x5 and after a close call of loosing it in some bushes, I velcroed a tile to the top of it because it is black, and hard to see at 70 yards. If it goes into the bushes when it is some distance away I can hit the tile app on my phone and it will ring a tone for me to follow. Has has saved me from loosing it at least 3 times. Just saying.

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Awsome out of the box thinking there. In the past I had thought of doing the same thing. As years passed I started writing articles on DJI’s “Find my drone” features, however, once the battery is dead, the “find my” only gives last known location, prior to the batteries dying. TILE is much more precise.