Pilot checking in from Central FLorida

Greeting fellow UAS Pilots. I am a former commercial roofing contractor and began using drones in our business in 2016. Soon our drone use became a key part of our operations including FLIR Thermal Infrared Scans etc. Currently, I own a fleet of over 25 DJI units from Mavi Air2 up to Matrice RTK models.
We have dabbled in various areas of the evolving drone industry but gravitated back to what we know best…commercial roofing, construction and building envelope inspections, tall, complex and historical building inspections and Aerial FLIR Thermal Infrared Scans. I look forward to sharing experiences and learning from all of you.

Greetings @AVBud. Welcome to the forums. I’m also a Central Florida drone operator, located in Orlando.

We hope you enjoy your stay here. At some point it’d be nice to try and connect locally and talk drone, business, etc. What do you say?

Again, welcome and make yourself at home. I think we could all learn a thing or two from you as well.

@AVBud Welcome to the Drone Pilots Community Forum where you will find very useful information on all aspects of droning! Again, welcome!