Greetings from Central Florida

I thought I’d hop in and say hello from beautiful, sunny, and hot Orlando Florida.

Just a little information about me: As stated I’m located in Orlando Florida, but a transplant from the Gulf Coast of Florida (Bradenton to be exact).

I’ve been loving and flying drones for quite a few years now and am currently flying an Autel Evo (non-geofencing is a MUST), Air 2S, and Mini 3 Pro. I own a small media and production company headquartered (for now) in Orlando.

I had given up flying recreationally a few years back since I regularly fly drones for clients…and had NO time to fly for fun. Fast forward to owning the Mini 3 Pro and I make time to fly recreationally now since that little thing is so fun to fly.

TRUST, Part 107 (current) and Insured.