Greetings from the gulf coast

Good day everyone, I’m Davis, a certified pilot since 2017. I helped to start the drone program at my work, and have my own personal drone company, Hoverlutions.
Looking to get to know people and exchange good practices and safety precautions that can be taken to ensure flights are don safely and provide the best product to the customers.

Welcome to the community @Hoverlutions. Glad to have you. Where on the Gulf Coast are you located? FL, TX, LA, etc…

I’m located between Galveston and Houston, in Texas

Nice :slight_smile:
I used to live on the FL Gulf Coast, but am now landlocked in Orlando, hahaha. The spouse and I do get to the Gulf Coast quite regularly, since that is our Zen place.

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I’m in Austin and still a rookie with drones… I have my part 107 add on to my ATP. I’ve had a couple of encounters (positive) with law enforcement. I feel they are doing the same thing we are with their drones that we’re doing. The regulations are new for all, and they may not want to enforce FAR’s. Being intimate with the local rules (Austin Film Society has some, for example), is helpful. The Aloft - applications are my backup of the flight permissions in certain airspaces.


practice, practice, practice.
You will always be learning new things, especially when the technologies and regulations in the industry keep changing and evolving.