M4P RC2 SD card selection

I have a Mini 4 Pro and the RC2 controller and seem to be having trouble selecting the SD card for file storage. This used to work but now it seems to be reverting to using the RC2s internal storage even after I select the SD. Does anyone know if any of the latest updates have affected this? If not can someone please walk through the exact sequence of events needed to select the RC2s SD card. Appreciate any help.

Greetings sealyons and welcome to the Forum. Here is a YT video that should assist you in resolving your SD card issue with the Mini 4 PRO. It shows the steps necessary after selecting the elipses (three dots) on the right side of the app screen: https://tinyurl.com/2cfp982v
Fly safe!

Hi. Thanks but that’s not my problem. That’s addressing how to set the SD card in the drone itself not the RC2 controller. I believe you need to do that via the controller when you don’t have a connection to the M4P. You select PROFILE and go to settings and ensure the RC SD is selected. That’s what I’m doing but then when I connect to the M4P it doesn’t use the SD, instead it uses INTERNAL storage and it displays STORAGE FULL on the upper left of the screen and doesn’t let me start or do controller videos. This is odd since this has always worked before but now it’s not working for some reason. Not sure exactly when this behavior started but I believe it’s just in the last week or so. What version of the RC2 firmware are others using and can you confirm that it allows you to switch between RC2 INTERNAL & SD successfully? Appreciate any help trying to determine exactly what’s going on with my RC2. Thanks.