Unable to save Mastershot Templates on mobile device

I’m a new Mini 4 Pro owner, although have been a drone pilot for many years. I’ve created some master shots with my drone and able to view them on my RC2 controller. I’ve viewed the various templates on my controller with my master shots but trying to save them on my mobile device. There appears no way to download a video using a template, to my mobile device. When I use Quick Transfer to view on my mobile device using DJI Fly, I hit Master Shots, and the instructions are to download the video, which I do. The entire master shots video will appear in my photo library but no way to access the templates. What am I doing wrong. ?

Greetings @Ron34238 and welcome to the Forum! Please try this step: Select “Create Mastershots” then download the full version of the video, select a template you want to use then export the Mastershots. Please note that the newly created Mastershots video file is located on the local album of your mobile device. If this is unsuccessful step, please view this YT tutorial: https://tinyurl.com/rw953eky Again, welcome to the Forum!