LITCHI without DJI Fly?

For my DJI MINI SE, I prefer LITCHI. To-day, I couldn’t take off from my usual point. A message appeared on my LITCHI screen “dji-care-block-motor”. I find DJI too intrusive. I phoned them. They have no clue!
Would I avoid such occurence by desinstalling DJI Fly software? Can LITCHI still work?
Was my usual zone suddenly forbidden?
Thanks from Poland if you can help me!

Welcome @Wesdrie. Sorry to see you having these issues. Does the situation below apply to you? The message below is direct from the DJI SDK team:

“ The error means “DJI CARE is used and this aircraft is replaced by a new aircraft, the motor will be locked.” This normally happens when user A loses his aircraft during a flight and he called DJI after-sales team to activate the DJI CARE service, then DJI will send him a new drone to replace the lost one. But user B accidentally find this lost aircraft and he wants to fly with it, then this aircraft’s motor will be locked. I suggest you to ask your client to contact with the DJI afer-sales team such as He should be also not able to fly it with DJI official app.”

Let us know!

Your answer is not related to my problem.
I never applied to DJI care.
DJI technicians of 2 countries are unable to tell me why I receive this message and why my MINI SE doesn’t start.

My question is:
Can I uninstall DJI Fly completely and run my drone with LITCHI alone?

I checked again on my DJI drone file. I don’t have DJI care. My MINI SE was working last week with DJI Fly, as well as with LITCHI (that I prefer). Same spot. No drone loss. No shock. No hard landing. The 4 motors rotate well under my fingers. Everything looks good. Except for this DJI message on LITCHI and DJI.
Can it mean my spot has been suddenly forbidden? But the message should be different then! Like “forbidden fly zone”. DJI can’t find the reason.
Can I disconnect / uninstall DJI Fly and only use LITCHI with my MINI SE? (Not a MINI 2 SE that can’t be controlled with LITCHI ).

I just downloaded Litchi onto a new phone that I had not used with my DJI Mini 2 yet. It works fine!


Thank you. Now I have a maximum range problem. My MINI SE is unpredictable at a distance of more than 250 meters. Good GPS cover in the area. 17 satellites. Maybe due to military activity around Warsaw where I live?