Lipo batteries and their volatilty

Hello. I have a YUNEEC TYPHOON 500+ drone which uses a lipo type battery, which concerns me because of their volatility.
So does anyone know of a NON lipo battery i can use instead, which is safer and easier to charge and store etc please?


Neil…Poole dorset

I don’t know of any other batteries other than lipos for drones, but just take care while charging them, and I use a lipo charge bag when doing this.


There are none. DJI’s rechargers make it difficult to charge them in a bag since most of the chargers are made to charge three or four batteries sequentially. While cheap lipo batteries are questionable, given the millions of DJI batteries out there and the few examples of such batteries catching fire I personally think it is not a big risk. A fire started in a home with such a battery is, admittedly quite devastating but the odds are very small.