Follow me drone for art project advice

I am interested in an follow me , active track drone to follow me for a dance projects. I would like to know the best drones for this.
But mostly i want to know if i can control the drone to follow me from the recommended 10 m and then get it much closer , such as 1-2 meters from me. How does it work in changing distances or modes… any thoughts. thanks!

The popular option for a follow-me project would be any newer foldable DJI drone, specifically an Air 2S or Mini 3 Pro (smaller, cost-effective drones). You could go with a Mavic 3, but that’ll push you over $2000USD easily.

The only thing is that with any DJI drone in follow-me/active track, you’ll need to have the sensors on. This creates an issue if you need to get the drone super close to you, as it’ll either stop or bypass you within a certain amount of feet.

Another option and a drone that is built for autonomous flight is the Skydio 2. Sadly, I do not have any experience with it. Perhaps someone here can go into its capabilities a little more, especially in regard to how close it can get to an option while filming.

HEre’s an article on Follow me drones that might have a bit more information for you to consider.

Thank you Dan for this info, It is very helpful! I’ll look into all your suggestions.

Yes if anyone has other experience i would be grateful to know.

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You’re welcome. I’d love to see what you decide on for your project. Keep us posted!