Flying tips for Las Vegas

I have an upcoming trip to Las Vegas planned and I would like to take a picture of the new attraction, the Sphere. I do not intend to fly over it but maybe a photo in the distance.
I am a foreigner and I am not familiar with the requirements and the process to be able to fly a DJI mini 2se. Does anyone have experience doing this type of flight in Las Vegas?

Welcome to the forum, @Bobbyviz.
When flying in the US, you’ll need to have a TRUST certificate. This is now mandatory for hobbyists…even us Part 107 Certified Drone Ops that fly recreationally.

Here’s some info on that What Is the TRUST Test? (Everything You Need to Know) – Droneblog

Regarding Las Vegas. I personally never have flown there, but I have heard it said that flying in downtown Las Vegas is virtually impossible due to the airport there and other restrictions.

I’d suggest going to the FAA’s (the US Federal Aviation Administration) B4youfly site and punch in the address of where you are wanting to fly in Vegas. If there are restrictions, they will be shown.

But, as a reminder, you’ll want to do the TRUST exam, which is free and maybe half an hour or so. With it you’ll be able to fly in compliance with the FAAs mandate.


Thanks a lot Dan for your clear and prompt response.
I´ll for sure apply to the TRUST exam so I can have this requirement for further trips.
In regards Las Vegas I dived deep and there are certain regulations that make it almost impossible as you mention. I’m planning to take a helicopter tour by night which is going to be way safer and less expensive than any fine I can get and still I’ll be able to make my shoot at the Sphere. I think it makes more sense.

Thank you again!

You’re quite welcome…