If you are looking to get your Part 107

There are many hobbiest that, like myself, see the benefit of drones in business. I instantly recognized it when seeing my first drone review a little more than 1/2 a decade ago.

If you are one of these individuals and are looking to getting your Part 107, I thought I’d list a few things here that can aid in being able to do so.

I would suggest purchasing a Part 107 course, from a reputable source. I went with Greg R. who co-founded and runs Pilot Institute. I actually used his Udemy course prior to it blooming into Pilot Institute. It is a GREAT course. Tons and Tons of videos, quizzes, and explanations from an actual commercial pilot.

Some might say that they just watched an hour-long video on Youtube and passed. That might work for some, however, for me personally, I wanted to dig DEEP into every aspect of being a 107 cert holder - weather theory, airport operations, pilot attitudes, load and balance, maps, NOTAMs, etc., etc. These are all things that PI goes into, in great detail.

If you are serious about getting a business going in this industry, I say why not treat your 107 like a college course and study study study until it is second nature.

In addition to getting a 107 class, I also purchased an iOS app called Remote Pilot Test Prep. It has all types of quizzes, some of them the same length as the ones you’d get at a testing facility. This coupled with the Pilots Institute class helped me pass with flying colors.

As a side note, as of right now, when your 2-year re-cert is due, you no longer have to go retest at a center, it is all done online and free. Best thing ever :slight_smile:

If anyone has any PArt 107-related questions, feel free to ask away. There are other 107s here that can answer as well.

@Dan Excellent information and advice. Thank you for posting! I’m going with PI! :+1:

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@MavRik if you have any questions moving forward, please feel free to fire away. I’ll try to answer what I can and research what I don’t know. Also, PI has a private Facebook group. There is a LOT of useful information and answers there. Once you are a PI member, you’ll have access to that group. Maybe I’ll see you there…

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@Dan Thank you so much, hope to find you on the PI Facebook group!

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hi Dan I am wondering if this p 107 course is only related to the usa ?

@daviest, welcome to the forums.
When it comes to Part 107, that is a regulation specific to the US and required by the FAA for American Drone Operators that wish to fly commercially for the furtherance of business. Other countries have differing regulatory names and certifications and licenses therein.

If something has the tag “Part 107” anywhere in it, it is indeed US only.

Hope that helps.