If you are looking to get your Part 107

There are many hobbiest that, like myself, see the benefit of drones in business. I instantly recognized it when seeing my first drone review a little more than 1/2 a decade ago.

If you are one of these individuals and are looking to getting your Part 107, I thought I’d list a few things here that can aid in being able to do so.

I would suggest purchasing a Part 107 course, from a reputable source. I went with Greg R. who co-founded and runs Pilot Institute. I actually used his Udemy course prior to it blooming into Pilot Institute. It is a GREAT course. Tons and Tons of videos, quizzes, and explanations from an actual commercial pilot.

Some might say that they just watched an hour-long video on Youtube and passed. That might work for some, however, for me personally, I wanted to dig DEEP into every aspect of being a 107 cert holder - weather theory, airport operations, pilot attitudes, load and balance, maps, NOTAMs, etc., etc. These are all things that PI goes into, in great detail.

If you are serious about getting a business going in this industry, I say why not treat your 107 like a college course and study study study until it is second nature.

In addition to getting a 107 class, I also purchased an iOS app called Remote Pilot Test Prep. It has all types of quizzes, some of them the same length as the ones you’d get at a testing facility. This coupled with the Pilots Institute class helped me pass with flying colors.

As a side note, as of right now, when your 2-year re-cert is due, you no longer have to go retest at a center, it is all done online and free. Best thing ever :slight_smile:

If anyone has any PArt 107-related questions, feel free to ask away. There are other 107s here that can answer as well.

@Dan Excellent information and advice. Thank you for posting! I’m going with PI! :+1:

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@MavRik if you have any questions moving forward, please feel free to fire away. I’ll try to answer what I can and research what I don’t know. Also, PI has a private Facebook group. There is a LOT of useful information and answers there. Once you are a PI member, you’ll have access to that group. Maybe I’ll see you there…

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@Dan Thank you so much, hope to find you on the PI Facebook group!

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