Evo II Pro vs Air 3

This individual really stated the Air 3 has superior photo quality than the Evo II Pro. Ridiculous…

@Beauknows7 thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are always interested to hear what fellow drone operators and owners have to say.

Being such, after going through the article again, we agree that the Evo II does indeed have superior image quality over the Air 3 and has had such even over other models of DJI drones. We have an article coming out that also discusses/addresses the recent DJI firmware updates that have degraded the Air 3’s 48 MP photos further than what they were prior. Additionally, we will be editing the article soon to adjust some of what was stated regarding the Air 3’s quality over the Evo II.

Again, thank you for being a member of our community and bringing this to our attention.


Perhaps I could have used more tact but I was baffled as to why an experienced operator would make a statement like that. Thank you for the reply.

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@Beauknows7 we totally understand your viewpoint and welcome any and all observations on articles in the future. We can only get better and better with valued community members’ viewpoints.

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