Is the Air 2S still relevant?

It seems like DJI is dropping new drones faster than many people can purchase them, lol. With the Mini 3 Pro and the top-of-the-line Mavic 3/3 Cine rounding out the entry and prosumer categories, is the Air 2S still relevant or even needed?

I personally love my Air 2S. It does everything I need and does so effortlessly. The size is just right for my business purposes. Not too big to garner too much attention, but not so small that it gets moved around much by the ever-lasting Florida summer winds here.

Also, with such a great price-to-feature ratio, the 2S seems like a no-brainer for those new to the hobby and even professionals. Sadly, with the Mini 3 Pro and Avata out, it seems like the 2S is taking a back seat.

Just wondering what others think in this regard.

Great price point at the time of this post on Amazon. Value for performance seemed worth getting in now v. waiting for the next new issue. And, if one believes past experience, an older but recent model demonstrates a lot of time invested in getting firmware/software/flight dynamics worked out.

I totally agree with you. Actually, if anything were to happen to my 2S I’d immediately purchase another, that’s how much love and confidence I have in it.

I believe it’s still worth it. I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, I’ve been using a Mini 2. If I had the budget, I would get the Mavic 3. But the Air 2s is more within my budget and the features make it a better deal than the Mini 3 Pro or the Mavic Air 2.

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Indeed. I agree with you here. The features-to-cost ratio is perfect in my book. I don’t think there is another drone out right now with a similar “bang for the buck” like the Air 2S. I heard a rumor that the new Mavic 3 Classic is coming out, right around the Air 2S Flymore Combos pricing. I’m interested in seeing if that is true and if they’ll have a drone-only version. If so, I’ll have a DJI foldable trifecta: Mavic 3, Air 2S, Mini 3 Pro… We will see…

When you get that A2S, let us know what you think about it!