Using the Evo Lite+ for professional work?

For the past few years, I have been using Autel drones in our line-up as backup drones, in case we are ever in the situation again (sadly) where our DJI’s won’t let us launch, even with the appropriate auths and unlocks.

Until recently, those drones were all 12mp cameras and I don’t specifically like to present to our clients anything less than 20mp. That’s how I started my business and this is something I would rather adhere to if possible.

The Evo Lite+, on the other hand, is able to swing big like the Evo II and has a much better 1", 20mp sensor camera. The images it produces have been usable for recent clients of ours.

Does anyone here have Evo Lite +'s, and if so, are you using them for commercial purposes?

We’d love to hear about some experiences.

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