DJI mini3 pro nano drone

I am an Indian National (Indian Passport) now resident in the UK. Can I bring my DJI mimi3 pro nano drone with me to India to take rural scenic photos in West Bengal, around Kolkata? My stay will less than a month and will take the drone back with me. Ajoy

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Welcome to the community @Ajoy!

From the research I could find, it looks like Indian Nationals are allowed to fly in India as long as the drone is under 250 g (which yours is), under 50ft AGL, and within visual line of sight (VLOS). Of course we do not offer legal advice, and urge all in our community to verify flight procedures before going to any country.

It looks like India has a fluid approach to the drone industry and things change all the time.

We wrote an article that touches more on flying in India , that might be of benefit to you.

Happy flying if you do get to do so!