DJI mini 3 pro active track missing

Hi new member here :+1:
I’m a new drone user and purchased a DJI mini 3 pro which is fantastic for a novice like me however I can’t activate active track, when I draw the green box around me I only get spotlight and poi options am I missing a setting somewhere :weary: camera set at 4K 30 FPS. Hoping there’s an expert here that can help
Many thanks julian

@Juljam44 welcome to the Community. We are glad to have you here.
That’s odd that active track is not working on your Mini 3 Pro. Can you do me a favor? Can you let us know your firmware version?
In the interim, with in the next couple of hours, I’ll fire up a Mini 3 Pro, test Active track, and report my findings here, along with the Firmware version.
Get back to you soon!

Hi thanks for getting in touch with me, I updated everything last night and now it’s working fine :+1:

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