Dji mini 4 pro waypoint missions

Two questions about setting up waypoint missions at home before you get to the location…

  1. I can create a mission online at home and save it OK. How do I fly that mission when I get to the location? I can’t see an option to load and fly a saved mission. Does the drone have to be in the air first?
  2. Can I create a waypoints mission from a downloaded and saved offline map to use offline at a remote location that has no WiFi or cellular?

I did it a few times with my MINI SE and it worked, although the signal was not too good. I only planned short missions.

Just walk to a place close to your first point.

When the drone is on a proper surface, press the green oval small icon with 3 white chevrons middle left of the LITCHI screen. The drone will take off normally and go directly to your first point at the elevation you have chosen. The mission starts then.

Be ready to go manual at any time.