Waypoints Flights

Hello everybody!
I’m a new member of the community.
I have a DJI Mini 4 Pro, and I have a question to ask.
Is there any software that allows you to make a waypoint flight with more precision and transfer it to the drone?

Welcome to the community @pjgoliveira.
Regarding your question, currently, there are no other apps that will assist with Waypoints. IF DJI released an SDK (software development kit) for the Mini 4 Pro, then the likes of Litchi and Dronelink may be a viable solution. Litchi is the more popular software for waypoints on DJI drones. We’ll just have to wait and see if the SDK gets released.

I only have a Dji MINI SE.
LITCHI software is cheap, reliable and offers many interesting features like planning your flight with the tip of your finger on your phone screen. Waypoints, Points of Interests, speeds, elevation etc… I don’t use DJI Fly anymore. The instructions are clear.