Hello, newbie with a Mini Pro 4 question

Hello, I’m a total drone photography newbie after 40 years of still photography.

I just have a question about my Mini Pro 4. I know about waypoints but what I want to know is can I fly my drone to a location, record its location, do a RTH and then later return the drone to the exact same spot? I don’t want to fly a path, I just want it to go straight back to a single location.
Thanks for any help.


Welcome @Bauie to the community.

We have a comprehensive guide which is all things RTH for the Air 3 coming out shortly, that can also be applied to the Mini 4 Pro. Based on the information therein and having flown the Mini 4 Pro since release, I think you might be able to accomplish what you are asking using by setting the home point using the map drag method.

For that you’d go into Settings > Safety > Update Home Point .

For the Map Drag Method, tap the location arrow and then simply drag the map to where you’d like the H (home point) to be:

Although I have not tried this from any distance, outside of where I am currently flying (like leaving the area entirely and setting the RTH to said location), I think it could indeed be done, if doing so within VLOS (if in the US).

If you give it a shot, let us know if it works!

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