Anna Maria Island City Pier - Mini 3 Pro

With much of the US either freezing or under snow, it was nice for us Floridians to shake off the cold and get a small vestige of our warmer weather this week.

I had a few shoots this week down on the Gulf Coast of Florida and decided to meander on over to my wife and my old stomping grounds on Anna Maria Island.

It was PACKED with snowbirds and tourists so I had to really run-and-gun shoot to keep from flying around and over people.

Here are a couple of the photos I managed to get. Thank goodness it’ll be back in the 80s tomorrow!

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Awesome pic here Dan! Anna Maria Island area sounds excellent right now living in Maine in January! Happy New Year to you and yours! :blush:

Thanks @MavRik. It got back into the 80s this weekend and the Island and surrounding areas and beaches were hopping…per the report I received from my parents that still live down there.

I surely don’t miss the cold New England winter days. Even when I was a little kid living up there I hated the cold and snow. I liked the snow days because of being off from school, but hated getting kicked out of the house on those days to play with neighborhood kids in that stuff, lol. :rofl:

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