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@WideLensWyatt how are you finding the usage of Air Map lately? I personally only used Airmap for my LAANC approvals, then they started going down a lot and referring folks to alternative sites.

This happened again recently as well. Since the 1st time they began doing so, I started using ALOFT more and more. They have begun to really streamline their LAANC process. I use them exclusively now.

How’s your experience using Airmap going?

hey @Dan, I mostly use NAV Can here in Canada, but when I was down in Florida was using Air Map, I saw that the LAANC services were down last time I tried to use it, I like the details it gives with Exact coordinates, and Satellite modes. I end up using both in some situations to make sure everything on the up and up, and to double-check when I’m not 100%. I would recommend everyone have at less two apps as some places (Northern Canada) aren’t very well charted on some apps.

This is great information to know. I have never visited Canada before, let alone get an opportunity to fly there, however, if I do, I’ll know what to use…if I’m allowed to fly there. :slight_smile:

Where did you head to when in Florida? I live in Orlando but am on the Gulf Coast quite a bit. If ever down here, give me a shout and we can connect and fly.

I believe the AirMap app has been replaced by DroneUp app for LAANC requests, however; this may be an iOs thing and does not pertain to Android apps, I’m not sure. Are you still using AirMap for LAANC requests recently? Thanks!

I didn’t know this, however, that would make sense why it is no longer available in-app. I have since just moved on to Aloft. Just as simple to use as Airmap (iOS and Desktop) and has never been down when needing LAANC (at least for me).

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Thanks for the information!

You’re quite welcome.

Here’s an article we did on Aloft recently, in case you would like to check it out: Aloft LAANC Authorization – How to Apply (Step-by-Step Guide)


Great information Sir, thank you! :+1:

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You’re quite welcome.