Seeing the view from the DJI Inspire 2's gimbal camera on the Litchi app

I am enjoying the Litchi Waypoint app with the DJI Inspire 2. It makes the flights very efficient. The app is showing the map and waypoints, and the FTP camera view. I really need to see the gimble camera’s view. How do see this?

Hm, I’m not currently sure how to accomplish this. I’ll look into it and see if there is a solution…unless you find one before me :slight_smile:

I use the iPad as my monitor, and I was successful swapping between apps on a little test flight. I took off with the Litchi Waypoint page, and swapped to DJI Go for the gimbal camera view. I played a little with the aperture and shutter speed and then went back to Litchi.

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4-6-2023 update. I now have the gimbal camera view coming on now, in Litchi. I was checking all the settings.

In the Litchi app:

Gimbal Gesture Control was off

In DJI Go app:

Landing Protection - Automatic Landing Gear was off. (I think I turned it off for the low flight over bluebonnets)

I go from the gimbal camera view in DJI Go app to Litchi and have the gimbal camera view in Litchi.

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Awesome info, thanks for sharing.