DJI Inspire 2 WAYPOiNT flying

Howdy, I fixin’ to figure out how to fly the Inspire 2 on a waypoint flight. There’s plenty of instructions of how to fly a route, pick the point to save, and continue to the next point. I would like to be able to preprogram the waypoints. Do y’all have any suggestions how to do this? I use a iPad (MacOS) for the controller and I see a couple of apps that do this… Thank you.

Welcome to the forums, @Jetflyer.

To answer your question, Litchi appears to be the industry standard when it comes to DJI drones and waypoint missions.

There is an extensive write-up on their site on waypoints, HERE.

Also, Droneblog has a very detailed article on Litchi HERE.

I hope this information helps!

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Most excellent! Thank you. Downloading the app now…

My intention is to fly most of my missions using waypoints… Just like we did in the MD-11.

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Awesome, glad we could be of assistance. I’d be interested in hearing how it faired for you. It’s a bit difficult to learn, but once it is, many professionals swear by it for complex jobs.