DJI Inspire 2 WAYPOiNT flying

Howdy, I fixin’ to figure out how to fly the Inspire 2 on a waypoint flight. There’s plenty of instructions of how to fly a route, pick the point to save, and continue to the next point. I would like to be able to preprogram the waypoints. Do y’all have any suggestions how to do this? I use a iPad (MacOS) for the controller and I see a couple of apps that do this… Thank you.

Welcome to the forums, @Jetflyer.

To answer your question, Litchi appears to be the industry standard when it comes to DJI drones and waypoint missions.

There is an extensive write-up on their site on waypoints, HERE.

Also, Droneblog has a very detailed article on Litchi HERE.

I hope this information helps!

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Most excellent! Thank you. Downloading the app now…

My intention is to fly most of my missions using waypoints… Just like we did in the MD-11.

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Awesome, glad we could be of assistance. I’d be interested in hearing how it faired for you. It’s a bit difficult to learn, but once it is, many professionals swear by it for complex jobs.

Howdy. I have done a half a dozen flights with the DJI Inspire 2 using the Litchi Waypoint app… I really like it, but I am still having challenges, which I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when I find solutions.
It is a computer program one sets up in the comfort of sitting on the sofa with the laptop… so, care is necessary for “do-do” - in, creates “do-do” - out…

The first challenge and one must place this on the top of the checklist when programming is altitude awareness and obstacles. There is a way to have the app fly the simulator on Google Earth, which I haven’t set up. So far, my missions have either been at known altitudes for obstacle clearance, or I fly the course surveying the heights of the obstacles. Powerlines are not seen by the anti-collision sensors.

One programs the waypoints and Points of Interests (POI). The altitude of the POI can be programmed. Each waypoint has variables to set, and the majority of the time I use the POI focus to tell the gimbal camera what to point at, but there are other options . Speed between waypoints, altitude at each waypoint, specific actions at each waypoint, and inserting in between waypoints are programmed.

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Thanks for following up on this and letting us know about your experiences. I’ve never set up Litchi missions from home base and have been interested in trying it out and running the google earth-based sim. I think that is pretty ingenious of them to include. I think for me, my hesitance has been I don’t like letting go of the sticks for anything, lol. I fly everything manually. With larger construction clients in the works, however, Litchi looks to be the best solution for where we are headed.

Thanks again for the update on your experiences.

Ha ha - “letting go of the sticks” — One of my first trips as a captain after IOE on FDX’s MD11 was MEM-LAX. I briefed the F/O I intended to let the automation do all the work. 500’ after takeoff, the autopilot came on. I turned it off ON runway 6R slowing through 60 kts on landing. Letting go of the sticks still had my heart rate elevated on final approach. It’s a similar feeling with DJHeavy.

Welcome to the forum @Jetflyer! As a long tme user of the Litchi app for the Mavic Air 1 and Mavic 2s, I think it may be the best all-aroound app for total autonomous flight (temporary giving up the “sticks”). For a list of DJI drones that the app is compatible for use, here is a URL DJI Drone Waypoint Support There is additional info posted at this link (open forum, no login required unless to join). There are other apps for wayponts such as Maven and Dronelink, there are others. Litchi, Dronelink, and Maven provide many more advanced mission planning featuresr than what is available in the DJI apps. Just passing along for your info and again welcome! :blush:

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