No replies to help questions

Does anyone monitor or answer questions in here???

I used to tell my students, I can make up any answer.

I’m glad you are here.

Haha true- any idea how to move these drop down windows that are blocking photo icons

I check the page at leasr once a day. I omly answer if i can add an intelligent reply. If i feel stupid about my answer or about the question, i leave no rrply.

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the fact is this isn’t a very heavily trafficked forum. is a place where you might get a faster response. I thought I saw this question some place. I haven’t used my N1 with a phone for quite some time. My other controllers don’t show this problem. I’d reinstall the app and see if that helps and possibly contact DJI directly. You can actually call them and talk with folks. They also have a forum that you might try.