Dji Air 3 Vision Sensor Callibration error

I’m Shashank from India, I bought DJI’s Air 3 recently and it crashed one month ago. I visited to the local and different cities drone solution centres as DJI is not officially in India. And I came to know that there is no solution till date by DJI to calibrate the Air 3’s vision sensor after its replacement and need to send it to them instead.
But as its not in India I’m unable to send it to the other country at DJI and on the other hand I’HV purchased it from a local store in India which here doesn’t gives a bill and DJI needs bills and all to check the drone.
I’m stuck in this situation badly and I need a solution for my DJI air 3 vision sensor calibration.
I’HV changed the parts of my drone but due to the vision sensor calibration it is unable to take off.
I need support to get this message to the one who can help me here or at DJI itself.
Please help me with the resolution as its me asking for the resolution not just for me but on behalf of many of my friend pilots and all my nation buddies.
Thanking you
Shashank Singh Rajput

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@NileshBhati we are sorry to hear about the issues you are having. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the DJI Assitant 2 software includes vision sensor calibration for the Air 3 like it has for the Air 2S and older DJI drones. We as a community of drone owners don’t have any particular suggestions that will help other than shipping to DJI to get the sensors calibrated.