How Do You Become A Professional FPV Pilot?

How Do You Become A Professional FPV Pilot?

The first step to becoming a professional FPV pilot is flying on a simulator. FPV is different from conventional drone flying. It’s fast and you will crash a lot. If you can’t fly without crashing on a simulator, then you can’t do it on the real thing.

Some of the most realistic simulators I’ve used for FPV are DRL and LiftOff

Great info here, on the various flight simulators. I’m still toying around with the idea of getting into FPV at some point, to add to our business toolbox. We will see. Thanks for the info @p9mwangi .

I have been playing on the simulators for long, soon I may assemble an FPV drone since buying a drone like the DJI Avata is quite expensive

If you do go the builder’s route, we’d be interested in hearing all details of the build and the end results.