How to Choose FPV Drone?

I want to buy FPV Drone, and I found this site RCDrone have many FPV.
there are many brand.
FPV Drone
Who can tell me which brand is better ?

How about this FPV iFlight TITAN XL5

@minimicall welcome to the forums!

We have a couple of FPV flyers here that might be able to assist with this. Whatever the outcome, we are hoping you find an FPV drone that is right for you.

I am a beginner FPV pilot and fly the BetaFPV Cetus Pro for practice. I chose it because the controller it comes with can be connected to your PC to practice with a simulator when you want to and it was not expensive. I think it depends on what you are looking for. For a beginner-level kit, I’d go with BetaFPV kits. They also have more complex setups as you advance. If not, BetaFPV, iFlight are also good

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@minimicall check this articles on FPV:


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