Can't get Mini3 to operate

I just got a DJI mini3 and can’t get it to fly. It says disconnected at top of screen.
Fly with caution (2)
Preflight Check Issues (2)
1004 DJI check camera encrypt error reason
11001 - DJI check product not connect aircraft reason

Welcome to the community @rossdaboss.
There have been other reports of the Mini 3 having these issues, unfortunately. The solution seemed to be to remove and reinstall the DJI Fly app, then, if not done previously, update the firmware on the RC and Mini 3, and the batteries if needed.
Hopefully, that works for you.

Thank you for responding. I had a mini 2 that crashed and was damaged. In turn, I purchased the mini 3. I have removed and reinstalled the DJI app twice now. There is no change in the display. I remember when I set up the mini 2, I went through a fairly involved procedure to get it to fly the first time, it was involved, but fairly easy. There was none of that “tutorial” with this one. I turned it on, it said “go Fly”, but it won’t. The top of the screen says disconnected, the same things happen that I mentioned in the initial email. I see no way to update the firmware. I’m about to send it back.

@rossdaboss before you send it back, try the steps in this article/video. Might save some time.