What industries are using aerial photography?

Please comment here about some of the industries that are using aerial photography…

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My company: Unmanned Aerial Operations serves multiple industries with our premium drone services. These industries include:
-Real Estate
-and more!

These industries need UAV’s to gather data and produce accurate maps. They have found that drones are the best way to gather data and extract measurements.

Thanks for sharing about your experience with aerial photography! Which of these industries do you think has changed most with the introduction of aerial photography?

By the way, we’d love it if you went to the pilot check in to introduce yourself!

In our neck of the woods in Florida, Real Estate and Construction are the industries using drones the most.

It is nice, though, to see that other industries are using drones more and more (or footage provided by independent drone operators), such as local news agencies, search & rescue, etc. Here I’m only speaking about what I observe on Florida’s local Central and Gulf coasts.

As a company, we incorporate drone footage in small business commercials, music videos, and real estate.

almost in any industry we can see inquiries comming up.
In some categories drone services will be the standard like in real estate and property
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As aerial photography becomes more and more popular, and readily available, many businesses that have nothing to do with real estate are using aerial photography in their marketing campaigns. I’ve especially found that automotive dealerships use aerial photography quite frequently when marketing their businesses.