Why Can't Pilots Fly In State & National Parks

Why Can’t Pilots Fly In State & National Parks

The short answer is “no”. Here are the reasons why: Can I Fly a Drone in National Parks, National Forests, and Wilderness Areas? – The Legal Drone

To answer @UnmannedAerialOpsLLC question, the reason being, first and foremost is “the user experience”. When going through all of the legal notices, memos, and confusing lingo, it mostly boils down to how drones affect those that spend tons of money on trips to these national areas only to have someone buzz them or the animals in the national park.

Secondly, the damage incurred by crashed drones comes to mind. The government is concerned with damages a drone striking or getting tangled up in these areas would incur. Perhaps even the costs associated with retrieving said drone.

The FAA states that it is possible to fly over national forests and parks from outside their boundaries IF 1) you have the permission of the adjacent landowner(s) to launch from their property and 2) you keep the drone in VLOS.

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