The Osmo Mobile 6

Owning a small production company here in Orlando, I use a lot of equipment. Gimbals are a necessary part of our shooting day and have been my lifesavers since the start.

I never had a place for a mobile gimbal in our arsenal. A couple of years ago Zhiyun sent me a mobile version of their Crane to test and review. While it was a great mobile gimbal, that even held our small mirrorless Sonys, I promptly got rid of it after testing.

Fast forward to this past weekend. I was my wife’s roadie for an out-of-town Real Estate open house she was doing. As we are on the way to the location she mentions she wants to do a Realtor spotlight and walkthrough/tour. :man_facepalming:t5: For her open house I only had a Mini 3 Pro with me (to pass the time at the Lake behind the property), and 2 cell phones.

So, while heading up to the location, I go online and find the closest BestBuy to our location and purchase a DI Osmo Mobile 6 (just released). Thanks to curbside pickup I was able to swing in to a location, grab the Osmo and keep on going.

I have to say, after playing around with the DJI App for a bit, the OM6 was actually fantastic to work with. I found later that day that I didn’t have to film within the DJI App (it does have some cool features) but it still went well. I plan to toss the OM6 in whatever bag or backpack I have with me for the day and use it regularly.

It was truly the best $170 I could have spent and my wife was super happy with the results.