Setting a line in a tree

Total noob, don’t even have a drone. I want to get a rope up high in a tree, looped around the trunk above some branches, so as to direct the tree’s fall when I cut it. Rather than climbing the tree or throwing the line, I thought I could use a drone to place a light string which I’d use to haul up the rope. Would just be used occasionally so I’m not looking to put a lot of money into it. Maybe a DEERC D50 with a Top Race TR66 drone clip attached. Use it to pull up lightweight twine or string tied to a tennis ball (50 g) and drop the ball over a branch. I think the tennis ball and string might total 150 grams, and the TR66 is about 110 grams.

Am I crazy? Does this have a chance of working? Could the D50 handle this? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Could be done, but the extra weight affects how the drone will fly, so you may end up losing the drone within the branches. If you are careful and good at controlling the drone you could do it

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Interesting. Thanks for the info.

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I totally agree with @p9mwangi on this one. Outside of the weight of the payload or how much the drone can carry, the skill of the drone operator comes in to play as well as the placement of the branch you are needing the drop line.

Do you own a tree-trimming service or are you doing this for yourself? I only ask as we have a tree trimming client and do a plethora of drone related services and intend on adding drop-line services to the offering for them.

As a 107 operator flying for some time, dropping a line or ball with a line over anything that isn’t cleared all around is difficult. To do so, the operator needs to turn off all sensors and fly between branches and obstacles which can down the drone.

If you are a company offering tree trimming services, you might be able to hire a drone operator that has the skills to accomplish what you are looking to do. Even if doing it for yourself on your own property, hiring a drone op to do the drop might be best as well, as they’ll be insured and have the stick time needed to counter any issues while in flight that might arise.

Thanks for the thorough reply. Much food for thought.

I would be doing this for myself. Lots of trees on my property, periodically I need to take one down in a controlled fall. Hiring a drone operator is certainly an option, but a lot more $ over time than if I can master this myself with a low end drone.